Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Has British politics ...

... ever been practised by anyone more obviously nasty than Gordon Brown?

Don't bother to send your answers on a postcard.

I am seriously thinking of starting my own one-man killer squad.

I still have a a potato gun – somewhere. Phwang! Take that, you mouldering twat. Want more, eh? Phawng again! Ha! Ha!

Die slowly Scottish lump of rotten porridge. Whang that up your haggis!

If only.


It defies every rational expectation that so obvious a maniac should ever have been allowed out in public at all. And now he wants us to believe he is Churchill reborn.

Cripes. Again, what have we done to deserve this?


Mac the Knife said...

Ah, the deadly spud-gun. Metallic blue, die cast and deadly.

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