Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Twats of the week

This is insane.

Demented, deranged, daft.

Sunday, 4 May 2008


If, as we are now constantly told is the case by Gordo, his government is now 'listening', will it 'listen' to the overwhelming majority who want a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty/EU Constitution and grant a referendum?

I wish someone would put this question directly to McNutter.

David Cameron at PMQs, for example.

And one more thing. If inflation is 2.5%, how come, to quote another favourite government phrase of the moment, people are 'feeling the pinch'?

Friday, 2 May 2008

It gets better ...

This is seriously good news. And it comes, moreover, on a day of already seriously good news.

Looking a bit gloomy for McJonah.

One point that immediately leaps to mind is that if the judicial review does rule that the government must hold a referendum on the EU Constitution that, all jokes aside, can only mean curtains for Gordo. He could never survive such a set-back.

Imagine a referendum is held and, inevitably, rejects the Constitution by a vast majority. What was left of Gordo's threadbare authority would shrivel instantly. This being patently obvious, he would have to step down beforehand.

Still, this is only Round One. Long way to go yet.

What NuLab really means by 'listening'

Perhaps Gordo might like to consider adopting the Geoff 'Hearing-aid' Hoon technique at PMQs.

Downing Street: No news is good news

Struck, like so many others, by McJonah's failure to put in any media performances this morning, Heffalump Harriet wheeled out into the firing line in his place to explain why last night's local election result do not represent a precise indictment of Gordo's catastrophically inept premiership, it struck me it might be interesting to see what the No. 10 website had to say about the results.

And the answer, intriguingly, is nothing. Not a squeak. Not so much as a single word. It gives an interesting new meaning to the 'listening' the government is now so fond of.

You can read about what McNutter calls the 'real economic opportunities in the Middle East and a chance to build peace and prosperity across the region'. You read how Gordo has 'warned against a protectionist backlash' and of how 'hopeful' he is of the 'Darfur talks'. You can even see the flag of St George flying over No. 10 or 'watch footage of prime ministers from the past'.

But information of any kind on the electoral meltdown is . . . well, just not there.

Perhaps this means it didn't actually take place.

Funnily enough, there's nothing on the official Labour site either. Or on LabourHome.

Oh dear.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Who's lying?

Apologies for lack of posts. Circumstances beyond control, etc.

Yesterday at PMQs, asked quite reasonably in the light of Levy's claims that Gordo, self-professed mastermind of Labour's election victory in 2005, must have known about the loans that financed the campaign he so magnificently oversaw, Gordo, almost under his breath, could do no better than semi-mutter: 'I knew nothing about these loans'.

You can see the exchange here.

He is lying. This isn't a matter of half-truths, of shades of grey, of interpretation. What he said was a straightforward lie.

A 100%, copper-bottomed, card-carrying lie.

I can't prove this, of course. I don't have the papers, the e-mails or the evidence of the killer conversations. I wish I did.

But someone does. In fact, quite a lot of people do. Including Blair and his henchmen.

So here's a scenario. It's perfectly believable.

As Gordo lurches from catastrophe to catastrophe, Labour plummeting all the while, wiped out in London, flayed in the rest of country, the prospect of a calamitous defeat in the next General Election inescapable, 100-plus embittered Labour MPs certain to lose their seats, what do those who do know that Gordo was lying do?

They make clear to him they have the evidence that shows he lied. And then present him with two very simple choices.

Gordo either steps down on plausible grounds of ill health to allow a new leader to take over. Or the evidence of his lying is trickled out and he is destroyed for good, all credibility vapourised.

These sound like reasons for Gordo to be very scared. A watery retreat, instantly seen through, or complete humiliation.

Yet another triumph for the towering intellect that is the clunking fist.