Friday, 2 May 2008

Downing Street: No news is good news

Struck, like so many others, by McJonah's failure to put in any media performances this morning, Heffalump Harriet wheeled out into the firing line in his place to explain why last night's local election result do not represent a precise indictment of Gordo's catastrophically inept premiership, it struck me it might be interesting to see what the No. 10 website had to say about the results.

And the answer, intriguingly, is nothing. Not a squeak. Not so much as a single word. It gives an interesting new meaning to the 'listening' the government is now so fond of.

You can read about what McNutter calls the 'real economic opportunities in the Middle East and a chance to build peace and prosperity across the region'. You read how Gordo has 'warned against a protectionist backlash' and of how 'hopeful' he is of the 'Darfur talks'. You can even see the flag of St George flying over No. 10 or 'watch footage of prime ministers from the past'.

But information of any kind on the electoral meltdown is . . . well, just not there.

Perhaps this means it didn't actually take place.

Funnily enough, there's nothing on the official Labour site either. Or on LabourHome.

Oh dear.


Anonymous said...

If you link to LabourHome, you should link to a specific article - their site is set up so that a link to your article appears in top right hand corner of that article, so if you do this make your blog post title suitably innocuous, or else they will spot the trap.

The Creator said...

Thanks for that. Being technologically near illiterate I hadn't realised.

I must devise something suitably fiendish.