Thursday, 1 May 2008

Who's lying?

Apologies for lack of posts. Circumstances beyond control, etc.

Yesterday at PMQs, asked quite reasonably in the light of Levy's claims that Gordo, self-professed mastermind of Labour's election victory in 2005, must have known about the loans that financed the campaign he so magnificently oversaw, Gordo, almost under his breath, could do no better than semi-mutter: 'I knew nothing about these loans'.

You can see the exchange here.

He is lying. This isn't a matter of half-truths, of shades of grey, of interpretation. What he said was a straightforward lie.

A 100%, copper-bottomed, card-carrying lie.

I can't prove this, of course. I don't have the papers, the e-mails or the evidence of the killer conversations. I wish I did.

But someone does. In fact, quite a lot of people do. Including Blair and his henchmen.

So here's a scenario. It's perfectly believable.

As Gordo lurches from catastrophe to catastrophe, Labour plummeting all the while, wiped out in London, flayed in the rest of country, the prospect of a calamitous defeat in the next General Election inescapable, 100-plus embittered Labour MPs certain to lose their seats, what do those who do know that Gordo was lying do?

They make clear to him they have the evidence that shows he lied. And then present him with two very simple choices.

Gordo either steps down on plausible grounds of ill health to allow a new leader to take over. Or the evidence of his lying is trickled out and he is destroyed for good, all credibility vapourised.

These sound like reasons for Gordo to be very scared. A watery retreat, instantly seen through, or complete humiliation.

Yet another triumph for the towering intellect that is the clunking fist.


Mark Wadsworth said...

That seems perfectly fair to me.

Do you remember how the CPS dropped the case against Toe-knee Blair a few days after he stood aside for the Goblin King?

So if the Goblin King and his twattish 'friends' can do it to TB, why shouldn't the next gang of fiednish plotters to it to the GK?

Mark Wadsworth said...

In fact, the GK went on the safe side and didn't allow the CPS to drop the case until one day after the Sedgefield by-election, there was now way that Tony B was going to come back after that.