Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Could The Daily Brute ...

... really be back?

He may be.

If only to celebrate the disintegration of Thuggo McGordo's vast and elaborate empire of inanity and corruption, as shot through with vacuous idiocy as it is inept and incompetent.

It goes without saying that McNutter is now definitively round the bend.

All that remains to be resolved is the precise moment of his final defeat.

My betting is this Friday, September 19.

I hope you will then all be able to join me in celebrating the end of the nastiest man ever to infect British politics.

He is – and always has been – properly loathsome.


Peter Horne said...

Good God! I can see that reports of your death have been greatly exaggerated.
AS for Gordon, at least he's thorough. If you have to be loathesome you might as well be proper about it. Here's to his imminent demise! Cheers!

The Creator said...

Mein Gott, Horne, old chum, you are the most faithful of friends.

What is more, you brought a copy of my book.

These are not the sort of things us useless old hacks forget.

But let's get serious. Could McNutter's desperate determination to cling to office, not just the weeks counted down now but the days, even the hours, be more convulsively demeaning – for him, his party, for us?

He makes Callaghan appear a model of decency, Major a veritable paradigm.

He is consumed, eaten alive, by the need to demonstrate just how great he is when, laughably, his every effort confirms the precise opposite.

He is, incontestably,not just the nastiest but the stupidest prime minister Britain has had to contend with.

I cannot wait for his inevitable end.

It won't be long.

Big Jobbie: said...

I predict an election next year rather than this year.