Monday, 29 September 2008

Flashman or Gladstone?

Jacquie Ashley, still desperately attempting to square her pro-Gordo instincts with the obvious realities of his catastrophic premiership, came up with what she may well have thought a wizard wheeze in her Guardian column this morning. Are the Tories more Flashman than Gladstone, she asked? – ohh! provocative, Jackie! Sounds like you may have read a history book or two. Bit of of proper context coming our way? Stand by!

She's got this 100% wrong.

Clearly, Flashman = public school thug = David Cameron = George Osborne/Boris,/Bullingdon Club/beastly hearties is an obvious enough line to take.

But who is really shoving the junior boys' heads down the bog, roasting them over the fire and, swanking around in his study, demanding that his toadies properly terrorise them?

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