Thursday, 3 April 2008

Bugger off Balls

Ed Balls's attempts to deflect criticism over his department's numerous, near limitless, shortcomings by seizing on the charges levied, or attempted to be levied, by a tiny handful of 'faith schools', as we now have to call them, on parents of prospective parents is an exact measure of the nastiest instincts of this endlessly repellent man. And this odious bully seriously believes he can be PM?

Every classic NuLab smear technique is pressed into action. 100,000 children are denied their first choice of secondary school? Instant agenda switch required, new victim urgently sought. Answer: put on smarmy, fake concerned voice and lie.

It's called 'seizing the agenda'.

You'd laugh if it wasn't so unbearably depressing.

Education, education, education?

If only.

Nastiness, nastiness, nastiness is the reality.

And fuck the schools, fuck the children.

So what?

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Uncle Elbert said...

Balls is a dead man walking. Saying "So what" was bad enough,(although Cameron should have cast aside his speech and spit-roasted Balls, which would truly have wrought havoc in Number 10)but going to Hansard and amending the official was worse. What was truly appalling was that all the sink estate Labour voters realise that to change what he said to something that is similarly spelt was just cretinous. You change it to something that sounds the same. So now, through every strata of society everyone knows - not thinks- that he is a tosser