Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Why Gordo is never wrong

There is a seriously bizarre cast of mind – manifested in its most extreme form by Jeffery Archer and Heather Mills, to take only two examples – in which fantasy dislodges every trace of truth and invented events are presented as fact. Reality is not so much distorted as obliterated, subsumed beneath the speaker's deluded, over-arching ego.

If I can't pretend to understand the convoluted psychological circumstances that impel the likes of these poor, sad sods to come up with such obvious lies, I can at least note them.

And now here, courtesy of the Crown Blogspot, we have another example, McNutter Gordo MadPerson claiming that his selling off of so much of Britain's gold reserves at an historically low price was the fault of the Tories.

What pounds through what passes for his higher brain functions that cannot allow him ever to admit to having been wrong? What deranged misapprehensions make him certain that he is always right? Why are failures always someone else's fault?

There is, properly, something profoundly disturbed at work here.

It prompts two obvious questions. One, just what was going on in that odd manse of his when he was growing up? Two, will his brain actually blow up – smoke, steam, flames, limbs flung outwards, etc, gore and nastiness galore – when the contradiction between what he must believe and what is actually happening finally becomes inescapable.

Stand well clear. It promises to be spectacular.

He is, in short, one seriously fucked up human being.

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