Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Shuffling around

There has been a great deal of talk lately of how McNutter hopes to regain the political momentum by a re-shuffle. Here is the Coffee House, for example.

I have never understood how these periodic and pointless exercises work. And in this case it seems particularly senseless. One bunch of useless tossers chucked out and a second bunch of even more useless ones brought in. How can this possibly help?

For one thing, the McLoony cabinet has only been in business for 10 months. What is the sense of chopping and changing it so soon? It can only cause disruption. For another, presumably those appointed in the first place by Jonah Gordo were considered the best men and women for their jobs at the time. So does moving them around mean that they weren't in fact any good? That McGordo appointed the wrong people? That he made a mistake?

Even more to the point, does anyone seriously imagine a reshuffle is going in some magical fashion to help transform Gordo from a spectacularly inept thug into an all-wise statesman? Self-evidently not. It will, rightly, be seen as a desperate and futile attempt to revive his political fortunes.

In other words, a total waste of time.

It would interesting, too, to know how much these exercises, entirely party political, cost.

In short, the only reshuffle that could be of any conceivable use would be if the Barmy Bottler were to reshuffle himself off into the distance. And there is not much chance of that, needless to say.

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