Thursday, 17 April 2008

Spot the difference

Fabulous prizes on offer for the Daily Brute quiz!

Top picture: Britain's minister for families. Bottom picture (no pun intended): Italy's minister for families.
Top picture: Smug git, thug and and twat. Bottom picture: twat.

Extra clue: Take no notice of the lady in black with the knitting.


Ann Attomy said...


Don't ask Gordon if he can tell the difference....

Mac the Knife said...

Nope. Two arses, can I have another clue?

ScotsToryB said...

The first patently shows a cun*.

The second fails.


The Creator said...

Dear Mr Scotstoryb:

Congratulations! The high-powered team of judges, assembled regardless of expense by the Daily Brute, unanimously declare you the winner of another sensational DAILY BRUTE QUIZ!

To collect your prize – a weekend with Mr and Mrs 'Ed' Balls in their lovely home in Castleford (this is their 'first' home, by the way, despite the fact that they don't actually live there) – you need only send a cheque for £5,000 to the Daily Brute. We will then RUSH you to Yorkshire on a no-expense-spared luxury National Express bus.

There, you will enjoy a once-in-life-time experience with the warm and witty Balls family, allowing you a unique insight into the fabulous home life of Britain's nastiest political couple!

So, write that cheque and ... GET READY FOR FUN!

ScotsToryB said...

Dear Mr Brute,

What excitement!!!! My first ever win anywhere, of anything!!!

The cheque is written all I need is an address (or your Nigerian P.O.Box No.) and I claim my prize.

Where is this strange land of which thou speak? This 'Yorkshire'?

The autobus sounds FABULOUS - if only Mrs Balls could feel my excitement....

I should tell you that if the Balls chappie stares at me with those Hallowe'en eyes he'll get a two finger poke he'll never forget; I presume she'll want one too?



With the kindest regards, Sir,