Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Harriet less-than-bullet-proof Harman

Not the least amusing aspect of Harriet Harman's bizarre PR blunder in waddling around the streets of Peckham in the company of the police in a bullet-proof jacket – the kind of blunder you can be sure what never have happened in the happy days of Alastair Campbell – is her incoherent and batty defence of herself on the Today programme. I am not sure I have ever heard any government minister make a more staggering fool of themselves.

You can listen to it here.

Note her preposterous claim that in printing the picture the Daily Mail was guilty of malice, this despite the fact that the picture was already on her own website, itself a joyful confection of lies and empty-headed propaganda. Here it is in fact.

Note also the progressive spelling of 'presents' for 'presence' in the second paragraph.

Jolly well done Harriet!

Looking forward to PMQs tomorrow?

UPDATE: Is Harriet watching me? The misspelling of 'presence' on her wonderfully witty blog has now been corrected.

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