Friday, 4 April 2008

Promoting Cretins

What is this preposterous Progressive Governance Summit? Why does it have such a dainty, twinkle-toes, listhping name? Why 'governance'? What is wrong with 'government'? And can even the most deluded of its delegates really believe it is 'promoting prosperity'? (Note hyper-cool alliteration). 'Promoting expense claims' is surely nearer the mark, though I would settle for 'promoting self-importance'.

Best of all, however, is that it instantly fell victim to the Curse of Gordo in coming up with a barely disguised swastika as its logo. Nobody doing the vetting noticed this? It beggars belief. We are permanently assured that Gordo's new Mr Big Cheese, Stephen Carter, is a PR big-shot of genius. I can understand Gordo – he is blind in one eye, after all – not spotting it, however 'towering' his vast intellect. But Carter?

And how much did it cost? I think I might ask for my money back.

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