Monday, 7 January 2008

Bad sight of the week ...

... was clearly the Bottler being interviewed by Andrew Marr by the still supplicant BBC over the weekend.

Who did he think he was fooling?

This is a serious question.

The poor old Bottler is transparently no more fitted to be PM than he is to strip off, whang a couple of coconuts on his chest, jam on a straw wig, slip into a grass skirt and sway around – Balls on the zingy guitar – pretending to be a South Sea beauty.

He'd be no less unconvincing – and probably rather less grotesque.

He isn't just a fraud. He is a nutter, a man encased in increasingly desperate fantasies.

Please, please, please. Someone, anyone, take him away. Beg, plead, implore. If only for his own sake.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

The Goblin King was always my most hated politician, but despite his irritating mannerisms and pathetic attempts to lie himself out of trouble on Sunday AM ... I couldn't help feeling ... a little bit sorry for him.

Aaargh! I can't even hate and despise him properly any more, what's wrong with me!?