Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Newmania - may he live for 10,000 years (or longer, actually) - rightly wrapped me on the knuckles yesterday for my credulous claim that Gordo & Co were backing away from ID cards and that this was, I assumed, good news.

He pointed out that they were actually doing no more than reculer pour mieux sauter – in other words putting in place a tactical withdrawal, leaked to Tory papers (of course), that meant only that the presentation had changed, not the goal.

So I take it all back.

Him right. Me wrong. Brief moment of hope dashed.

Gloom re-asserts time-honoured grim, centre-stage role.


Lady Jane said...

But yet, you wish to sentence poor Newmania to 10,000 years of life?!
Is it just me, or does 60 - 70 seem about adequate?

Lady Jane said...

Maybe, I am the gloomy one today;-)

Mark Wadsworth said...

We had ID cards before (after WW2) and people hated them and they were scrapped. If this government tries to force people to attend 'interview centres' when they want a passport, well, the Poll Tax riots will seem like a picnic in comparison.