Saturday, 12 January 2008

Getting on with the job

Peter Hain, eager 'to get on with his job', dismissing suggestions that there had ever been a cover up about his electoral donations as 'absurd', is the epitome of the modern politician: mendacious, incompetent, shameless and vile.

Yet in the face of repeated revelations that this repulsive bird-brain is instinctively dishonest, laughably untrustworthy, self-evidently on the make and screamingly third-rate, he is maintained in his job as a minister of the crown by a prime minister, a deeply disturbed man who under no circumstances can admit to any failing, whose sole goal is to remain in office so as to reinforce his sense of entitlement to it and who therefore cannot be allowed to be damaged by the activities, for all that they are clearly criminal, by the grasping dullards he has surrounded himself with. And of course for Hain also read Harman, to say nothing of wee Wendy.

In any rational world, Hain would have been laughed out of office months ago. By the same token, Brown would have been tactfully directed towards the nearest lunatic asylum, where he would then be at liberty to rant to himself about his incorruptible moral compass.

Yet these gruesome inadequates, desperate to preen and enrich themselves at our expense, break any law they care to if it means they can strut around at our expense in their stupid suits and hideous voter-friendly ties before, pensions guaranteed, they can present themselves as wise elder statesmen and deserving recipients of EU-funded largesse.

It is sickening.


Dennis said...

Let me get this straight, Creator -- do you disapprove of Mr H. and his boss or not?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I find Hain to be the slimiest, most repulsive politician I've ever seen or heard. And that incudes slimes like Gorgeous George and Mandelson.


john miller said...

It's the reporting by the MSM that gets me down. On the Beeb last night their reporter said he thought Hain would survive "unless there was another disclosure tomorrow". What would have been special about the fifth one?

And then one of the leading articles in the Indy today; "At the start of his premiership, it simply failed to occur to Mr Blair that there might be a conflict of interest between Bernie Ecclestone's £1m donation and government policy on tobacco advertising."

Aside from the fact that my dustman could recognise a conflict of interest from 50 paces, wasn't Blair a lawyer?

No, it did not "simply fail to occur" to the bastard - he was just a crook.

Mark Wadsworth said...

IMHO, you are being far too kind to Hain, surely what you meant to say was "In any rational world, Hain would never have become an MP in the first place"?

The Creator said...

Actually, what I should have said is that in any rational world not only would Hain never have become an MP in the first place, having wormed his way into Parliament he would now be contemplating a restorative stretch in prison.