Thursday, 10 January 2008

The loathesome Hain

Wonderful stuff here from Mr Eugenides on the liar and crook Peter Hain.

The man has broken the law. Why hasn't he been arrested?

On the other hand, so did Harman and wee Wendy and there are still very much at large.

Gloom all round.


Wyrdtimes said...


Surely not even dayglow oil ball Hain can get away with this one?

He's fooked!

The Creator said...

Fraid not. These bozos are shameless. Nothing short of a small tactical nuclear weapon – and how I wish I had one – will prise him out of office.

No less important, the Bottler can't sack him without tacitly admitting his government is corrupt. And anything that damages Gordo cannot under any circumstances be allowed.

Hence the fact that Harman and Wee Wendy, both of whom have clearly and unambiguously broken the law, are still respectively the dep. leader of the Lab. party and Labour leader in Scotland.

It is profoundly, staggeringly shocking. Genuine Bananna Republic behaviour.

I don't suppose you know anyone who can lay their hands on said nuclear device?

Just asking.