Thursday, 24 January 2008

Hain's administrative errors

While, of course, jubilant at Hain's long-overdue departure – though only from the Cabinet, note: the loathsome, oily twat is still an MP – and happily expectant that Harriet and wee Wendy will soon feel the noose tightening (oooh! Gordo, feeling nervy?), the overiding question of just what Hain thought he was up to remains.

Self-evidently, his use of a slush fund masquerading as a think-tank to hide the identity of his donors – and what kind of sad, sorry creep do you have to be to want to give money to a man as transparently on the make as Hain? – is clear evidence of, at best, an intention to deceive.

But did he really believe he could expect never to have to declare the money? Did he feel that, as a NuLab Cabinet minister, he could get away with this breach of the law indefinitely?

It was hardly a coincidence that his sudden admission in November that he had omitted to declare a donation of £5,000 came at exactly the moment Donorgate broke.

But why just the £5,000? There was another £103,000 undeclared. The likelihood that this had simply slipped his mind as a result of his terribly (self-) important Cabinet post is self-evidently zero. By the same token, it was no less certain that sooner or later he would have to admit to it. So why prolong the agony, why string it out?

Because he could never admit he had been rumbled? Because he is instinctively dishonest? Because he hoped that something, anything would step in to save him if he could drag the business out as long as possible?

The answer to all three questions is clearly 'yes'.

In short, here we are presented with a near-perfect example of the true copper-bottomed NuLab cunt: deceitful, mendacious and dishonest, concerned only for his own well-being. The wanker incarnate.

Importantly, all his crude calulations, designed only to save his own skin, have come to zero.

In other words, he is as inept as he is obviously corrupt.

So what did he think he was up to? What did he hope to gain?

Who cares? All I can say is that I hope he goes to prison, where he clearly deserves to languish.

Because that really will have the rest of the little shits running scared.

So, now for Harriet and wee Wendy.

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Anonymous said...

What sad tedious little man. .