Sunday, 23 March 2008

Another pig-ignorant and nasty socialist

I have been torn between posting about Gordo's belated decision, born of electoral desperation, to add his support to the 'inspirational' Ken Livingstone, a man he clearly despises, in the May 1 elections for London mayor, and highlighting the grotesque idiocy of a man called Bill Greenshields, president of the National Union of 'Teachers', who has called for private schools to be, in effect, nationalised and brought within the state sector on the basis that 'then we would soon see some urgent improvements in our state system'.

On the whole, Greenshields wins. Just. You can read about this card-carrying moron here.

But I think there will be plenty more about the Bottler's horrified realisation that his own political life – and never forget: clinging to office is all, repeat all, that matters to him – depends at least in part on as bitter an enemy as Livingstone remaining in power.

But I wonder also if it hasn't occurred to Ken that endorsement by Gordo at the moment is akin to an electoral death sentence.

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