Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Legitimate Tangent

With all the fuss and excitement about the sudden disappearance – more than a little Stalinist, on the whole – of the Civil Serf, whose blog I regret I never read, there is another mole burrowing away in the heart of Whitehall who in my view has been unjustly overlooked. You will find him here.

This is Legitimate Tangent, an occasional blogger admittedly (though who am I to complain?), but wonderful.

For an insight into the sclerotic absurdities and wanton waste of government, it is hard to beat, a profoundly depressing commentary on the utter uselessness of the tossers and twats who rule us.

That said, if he gets the exposure he so clearly deserves, no doubt he, too, will suddenly disappear. Grim stuff.

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