Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Ohh! Blogging again?

I am not sure that earthquakes, tidal waves and tornadoes will necessarily follow – or even that Guido and Iain Dale will give up in instant despair, hurling themselves over cliffs, sobbing all the while – but there is a chance that The Daily Brute, more brutish than ever, will be back among you in a week or so.

If so, Gordo will be excoriated, Balls destroyed, Blears haunted, Harman tracked to her inevitable demise and both Milibands (to say nothing of the repellent Alexanders, bro and sis), tormented to destruction. (There will be no need to bother with Darling, his being dead meat already.)

Well, maybe.

On the other hand, maybe not.

On the other, other hand ...

I have hopes ...

We shall see.


Lady Jane said...

For that to happen, you'd have to lay off the tennis totty for awhile;-) Are you prepared for that? If so, welcome back!

The Creator said...

Are you telling me you don't like the ravishing Ana?

She has added thousands - seriously - to my traffic, vast gangs of oddballs from across the world who google her and wind up on the Daily Brute in order to ogle La Ivanovic and find themselves instead confronted by pages and pages of anti-Bottler rantings.

There is something very pleasingly odd about what I take to be their bemusement that what they presumably thought was a semi-porno site is actually all about Gordo.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Aha, that explains how you've kept 50 to 100 visits a day for absolute no posts whatsoever.