Saturday, 22 March 2008

This week's stupidest member of Gordo's government

The competition is naturally keen.

As ever, I am tempted to make a joint award to every Labour MP, all of them (until they stab him in the back) fawningly supporting Gordo as well as self-evidently stupid (because why else would they have they joined the Labour Party in the first place?), and, in the time-honoured traditions of NuLabour, relentlessly greedy (aka hypocritical, smug, fake and deceitful).

Nonetheless, after due deliberation, this week's award goes to 'Jim' Knight, the schools minister, a man who apparently sees nothing wrong in classes of 70.

Except that everything he says on the subject is a lie. And he knows it.

But his grotesque claims suit the short-term interests of his boss, Ed Balls, and, inevitably, those of Balls's boss, the grimly barmy Gordo.

So breathtaking a surrender of principal by Jim Knight in the interests of his career can only be applauded.

It is always reassuring to know that every higher goal will always be sacrificed in the cause of personal advancement, however temporary.


Devil's Kitchen said...

So, you have a problem with university lecture halls filled with more than two hundred students, too?


The Creator said...

200? It's barely a start.

Slam 2,000 of them in there at a time (doesn't matter what the lecture's about) and 2,000 government targets are met at a stroke.

Tick them boxes! Who cares if anyone learns anything.

It's all about statistics. Lowest unemployment, lowest inflation, 10 years of growth, unprecedented investment, stability ... er ... greatest ever chancellor ... stability ... lowest ever ... unprecedented ... growth ... me brilliant ... hate that Tony blair ... unemployment ... brain blows up .... am obviously mad ... moral compass ... wholly demented ... room spinning.

You get the point, no?

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