Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Bullseye from Jenkins

I know he is a bit on the pink side, but Simon Jenkins has hit top form in today's Guardian, ripping into the government's endless stupidity, incompetence and dishonesty. Read it here. A palpable hit, dead centre.

Then compare and contrast with this in the same edition from 'Johnathan' Freedland in praise of Ken Livingstone, congratulated by Freedland for introducing 'an era of socially progressive attitudes', a phrase as meaningless as it condescending and stupid.

Fuck off, Freedland.

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Umbongo said...

Freedland is a c*nt. His support for the wearing of full islamic dress for impressionable schoolgirls is typical. Risking the application of Godwin's law, Freedland could be said to exhibit the kapo mentality which, but for the lucky accident of being born in the right country at the right time, would have seen him merrily encouraging his fellow Jews into the gas chambers while justifying national socialism on the basis that it was, at least, socialism and had the added benefit of being anti-American.