Sunday, 16 March 2008


It seems positively redundant to say that Ed Balls is repulsive. I think we can all take this as read. Ditto that he is shifty, toadying and a liar.

But what I find truly astounding about this deeply unpleasant man is that he seems to believe entirely sincerely a) that he is enormously clever when he is merely devious; b) that he is a credible contender for PM.

That said, it is no coincidence that Gordo, in the manner of a medieval monarch, should have as good as anointed him as his successor.

Both inhabit a curious, semi-human realm, as notable for its utter lack of charm as for its instinctive dishonesty and inexplicable self-regard.

That they seriously entertain the prospect of the repellent Balls as PM says all you need to know about these two very strange and nasty men.

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