Monday, 3 December 2007

Another of Hain's 'administrative errors'?

Guido seems to unearthed another ... erm ... splutter ... splutter ... cough ... 'adminstrative error' on the part of Peter Hain.

A man called Huw Roberts apparently donated money to Hain which has never been registered.

Read it here.

In the meantime, poor old Hain, obviously a very busy and important man with many weighty affairs of state on his mind, nonetheless really ought to think about trying to get to grips with his admin. backlog.

Can't have the paperwork piling up, after all. Who knows, all those unopened letters: think how many more administrative errors they might contain.

A new statement from the busy Mr Hain:

In light of recent events I have undertaken a review of all donations to my deputy leadership campaign.

This afternoon I have been to see the Electoral Commission to inform them that further donations to my campaign were not registered as they should have been.

I am preparing a full declaration to the Electoral Commission.

As soon as I discovered on Thursday that the donation from Jon Mendelsohn had not been registered I took immediate steps to do so and made this public. I am now doing the same about these further donations.

This is extremely regrettable and I apologise.

Extremely regrettable? Extremely, in fact incomprehensibly stupid seems nearer the mark. How thick do you need to be, having been caught out once and maybe, just maybe having squeezed out of trouble, not instantly to have confessed to all your other 'extremely regrettable administrative errors'.

Or perhaps he just has fond memories of being dragged away by the police in happier times. Those were the days, eh Pete? Looks like you could be reliving them all over again.

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