Thursday, 13 December 2007

A government promise

Today the Bottler belatedly makes his way to Lisbon to sign the not-the-EU-Constitution.

I hope these words, from his own party's 2005 general election manifesto, will reverberate in his head.

We will put it [the European Union constitution] to the British people in a referendum and campaign whole-heartedly for a 'Yes' vote.

He may also like to consider the following from his own boss at the time:

We don't know what is going to happen in France, but we will have a referendum on the constitution in any event—and that is a government promise.

That is a government promise.

1 comment:

Sir HM said...

I gave up on Government promises after their failure to honour their 1997 manifesto committment to hold a referendum on proportionl representation.

That's two manifesto commitments reneged on now. Getting to be a habit isn't it.