Thursday, 20 December 2007

It can never be said ...

... often enough that everything the Bottler does is designed with one end and one end only in mind: to ensure he is not ranked among the Britain's shortest-serving prime ministers. So if he has to spend £100bn on Northern Rock to keep himself in power, however precariously, however ignobly, he will.

The prospect of having to endure Cherie's hideous pleasure should he fail after having been forced for so many years to assume his most unconvincing grin as Tony hogged the limelight would be more than he could endure.

The irony, of course, is that however much of our money he flings at Northern Rock, it still won't work. He will still, ignominiously and humiliatingly, be forced from No. 10, whatever his grim, sweaty determination to cling on, for the most obvious reason of all: he is spectacularly unsuited to be prime minister.

Put it another way, even in his own warped terms the money spent on Northern Rock might just as well be piled into a vast heap and set on fire.

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