Friday, 28 December 2007

Apologies ...

... for the lack of posts.

Too many mince pies.

Normal service, etc, in a day or so.


Peter Horne said...

Good God Thomas,old boy, you're not still eating mince-pies are you, you old blowhard,you??

Anyway, just dropped in to say Happy New Year!

The Creator said...

No. Just v. lazy. But back blogging like billyo tomorrow. Or maybe the day after.

Or the day after that.

You well, ol' Horne?

Shoes for Christmas? If so, lovely and comfy I hope.

I got a pair of seven league boots.

Jolly handy for speeding to the shops to buy fags, etc.


PS Did you know nutter Stanislas has his own blog now? I fear he puts us all to shame. Well, me anyway.

Peter Horne said...

OK. You have a good rest Thomas. After all it's not as if the barbarians are at the gates.It's not as if we need every able bodied man at the barricades to stem the rising tide of sociofascist bollocks! Only joking!

Here's something you might like


PS Have you got the address of Stanislas' blog as I can't seem to find it.

PPS. Shoes are so last year! This year it's socks. Did I ever tell you how important a good pair of socks is...

Newmania said...

Lazy fucker

Dennis said...

I knew you rested on the seventh day, old bean, but my Bible says nothing about the Christmas holidays.

I too have been lying low, though in my case an accident with a bell is the cause. For fear of MRSA I have been treating the wound with Harpic and it's closing up a treat.

Happy New Year, Creator, assuming you observe any mundane calendars.

The Creator said...

Stan can be found here: