Friday, 14 December 2007

Tribute to Stanislas

Stanislas, the self-styled young Polish plumber, is the greatest star of the blogosphere, bar none. This, pinched wholesale by me, is his latest comment on Guido on the subject of Hazel Blears. It is brilliant.

Dwarf is ok. Not crime to be dwarf. Not ideal, mind. Nobody go down NHS headshrinker and say Fuck me Doc, is dwarf trapped in body of average size person, need counselling and operation and chop some out of leg, or squash in vice so is three feet high with head like fucking scrunched-up beach ball; can't go on if not allowed to be true to dwarf nature, get job in circus and James Bond movie. You know, is dwarf right to fucking choose, spend whole fucking life trapped in wrong body and demand operation. Never fucking happen in million year. Not even in fucking Redditch.

Why then has dwarves got own ministry of fucking dwarf community head up by dwarf fucking nitwit from Coronation Street, Blears the fucking red painted hair imbecile ? Eh? Head all sprayed up in British Leyland red. Is take positive discriminate too fucking far. How many fucking dwarves is there, anyway, to require own ministry ? I bet is only about six, although thinking about it, is easy for them to hide, just open cupboard under sink and fucking walk in; could be millions of the fuckers and nobody know. All look the fucking same anyway. Maybe come out at night and walk about in short shadows.

Whichever is true about how many are dwarves, hiding in cupboard like Albanian sex worker, is definitely one too many fucking dwarf on Question Time. And fucking Moron should leave off cocaine for five minutes or so. And fucking nutter woman from Cameron needs to grow a fucking brain with something in it. What kind of fucking unfortunate would take advice from that fucking eejit? Is not really adviser to leader of HM Opposition? For the love of God, country is gone in drain. Not matter about get fucked up arse by EuroBandit. Is already govern by dwarves and arsebandits and fucking Tony McNutter. Is time for abandon all hope amd get pissed.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.


Dennis said...

It's Stanislav. He was advising me on my love-life.

She has cast me aside like a sucked orange. I am inconsolable.

The Creator said...

What a swine. i suggest a jolly good punch on the nose.

Dennis said...

Thanks for the advice, but violence against a "lady" -- and I use the term not without a rueful grimace -- is not part of a hunchback's moral lunchpack.