Wednesday, 26 December 2007

A little Boxing Day cheer

Here's the otherwise admirable Andrew Grimson in the Telegraph with an interesting if not wholly convincing take on how and why the Bottler will almost certainly never cut it as PM. It's a little far-fetched but, happily, more or less reaches the right conclusion, ie that Gordo has no chance because his temperamentally unsuited to the job.

Well, I could have told you that. In fact, I have. Often.

But what is striking is that Grimson repeats the barmy line that 'Mr Brown [was] the most successful Chancellor, the Labour Party has ever had.'

True, he doesn't say the most successful chancellor ever, ie from all parties. But it is wearisome, to put it no higher, to see this 'most successful chancellor' old bollocks being rolled out yet again.

He gets hammered in the comments for it.


Mark Wadsworth said...

'Andrew Gimson', actually.

Apart from that agreed. The Goblin King was truly a shit chancellor. Not the worst necessarily, but shit.

The Creator said...

You right. Me wrong. Serves me right for attempting a record rapid post while being yelled at by wife and children that we had to leave now! for what turned out to be a typical casual French Boxing Day lunch, ie about 20 courses, as many wines, you, eight hours later, staggering away scarcely able to move so stuffed with food are you.

Christ, I thought I had overeaten yesterday.

Still, it's very good for your French (if not your digestive system).

Wife drove us back, me slumped, eyes glazed, in the passenger seat. Even burping was beyond me.

I am only just now beginning to turn human again.

A five-day mineral-water diet is imperative!

Anyway, 'tis Gimson, not Grimson. Duly noted.

Thanks Mark.


PS Sorry if I sound dim. Still dazed by my insane consumption of food.