Monday, 3 December 2007

Wendy's house

As dumpy, lisping wee Wendy clings on in Scotland, the word is being put around that it is only the Bottler's forbidding her to step down that is preventing her from handing in her resignation. If Wendy is forced to resign over a mere £950, where would that leave Harman and her £5,000, to say nothing of her £40,000 undeclared loan? And if Harman goes, well, who knows who would be next?

True or not, it doesn't change the fact that Wendy's public justification for clinging on, released in a statement yesterday, is feeble even by the scrambling standards of NuLab's best efforts to defuse Donorgate. You can smell the desperation.

She leads off with the ritual guff ('deeply regret the damage which recent publicity has brought to the Labour Party, etc, etc, etc) before getting to the heart of her statement. It is thin, pitiful stuff.

I reject any suggestion of intentional wrong-doing on my part ... I am confident when all the facts are known I will be exonerated of any intentional wrong-doing.

I don't think she has quite got it somehow. The issue is not 'intentional wrong-doing'. It's 'wrong-doing' plain and simple. This is otherwise known as breaking the law.

And on the whole, breaking the law, intentionally or not, is something senior politicians are well advised not to do.

Can she hold out even another 24 hours?

I think the game's up. What's more, I think the Bottler knows it, too.

Next stop Harman?

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