Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Another Bottler own goal

It is typical of the tactical ineptitude of the Bottler that he has managed to box himself into a corner over something as trivial as whether he should go to the Rugby World Cup final in Paris next Saturday in which, for the benefit of my Martian readers, England are playing South Africa.

Just like his various pathetic attempts to celebrate Britishness, the Bottler's apparent espousal of English sports teams, sprung on an unsuspecting world earlier this year, has never been more than a transparent attempt to demonstrate to English voters that he is not just a great, grim, hulking Scot consumed with loathing for all England teams.

Happily for us all, it instantly backfired, the English recognising it as wholly bogus, the Scots despising him for even pretending to support any England team.

Thus should he go to Paris, you can guarantee it will piss off both the English and the Scots yet again. And frankly, in his fragile mental state, I don't think he'd be able to cope with the boos that would ring round him from the England fans.

Brilliant! The man is a genius! Yet another tactical masterstroke from the mighty brain! Well done, Bottler!

Stop Press
He is going to Paris. He better bring some ear plugs.

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