Monday, 22 October 2007

Vive l'empereur!

It was obvious from a long, long way out that Blair fancied himself as the president of the EU, one of the few jobs in the world sufficiently prestigious for a man of his towering, global stature.

What is less obvious is why the Bottler should apparently support him in this bid. If you spend almost 15 years trying to knife your boss in the back, it hardly seems likely that you would then agree to his being your boss all over again only in an even more elevated role.

I mean, honestly. Think world summit. Who gets to stand in the front row next to the US president? Who gets relegated to the back alongside the leaders of Lithuania and the Maldives.

Or was back-row status part of the price Brown paid to get to No. 10? Was he that desperate?

Or is it all in fact no more than a fiendish Blair-Sarko plot to stick one on the Bottler?

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