Saturday, 6 October 2007

As Gordo dithers ...

... over the weekend, gnawing away at his fingernails, before coming to his inevitable decision not to call an election, it is worth considering just what has led him into this cul-de-sac in the first place.

It is perfectly obvious that those pushing most enthusiastically for an election are the incredibly creepy and not-entirely-human Ed Balls and Douglas Alexander. It is also perfectly obvious that their motive was that they saw an election an opportunity not just to crush the Tory party but to exterminate it. Gordon would then assume his anointed role as Father of the Nation, gravely presiding over his Big Tent in which would be found the Government of all the Talents (ie Gordo himself, his preening cronies and a couple of token, self-serving Tory has-beens).

If you were Balls or Alexander, this would be a perfectly reasonable goal, guaranteeing you a major role in a government which would, if the argument is taken to its logical conclusion, effectively endure indefinitely.

Happily, of course, the real world doesn't work quite so neatly. But please never lose sight of the fact that it is self-interest, first, last and everything in between, that is the guiding principle behind the toad-like Balls and Alexander.

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