Thursday, 11 October 2007

Plus ca change ...

... plus c'est moins la meme chose. Or at least this time it is anyway when it comes to Saturday's France-England semi-final in the rugby world cup.

Forget Brian 'Pitbull' Moore. These days the snarls and the hatred have given way to a sort of hugely improbable Anglo-French love-in, le rugby-man turned district nurse-cum-sobbing I-love-you-really blubathon.

These are the captains of France and England talking two days out from a titanic clash. They sound as though they might as well be holding hands.

Christ, and there I was assuming the whole point was to rip the other player's balls off.

It gets worse. Bernard Laporte, the Stasi agent personified (though actually the coach of France) has said he'd like to help coach the British Lions in 2009.

More drink. At once!

Still, England still to stuff the Froggies on Saturday ... not of course that I don't love them all dearly.

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