Tuesday, 16 October 2007

The great EU lie

It seems to me astonishing that the entire country is not up in arms over the Bottler's broken promise to hold a referendum on the EU Treaty.

The Labour manifesto in 2005 was categoric on the point. Now, however, blathering on about red-lines and the fact that was then called a Constitution is now called a Treaty, the Bottler has said there is no need for a referendum.

This is the most outrageously dishonest statement I have ever known in British politics. It's a lie, pure and simple, and one with immense consequences.

In May, when it was confirmed he would take over as prime minister from Blair, the Bottler said that 'to build trust in our democracy, I'm sure we need a more open form of dialogue with citizens and politicians to genuinely talk about problems and solutions. It is about a different type of politics, a more open and honest dialogue.'

More 'open and honest'?

Do me a buggering favour, Gordo.

I am stunned he thinks can get away with it, dazed by the audacity and shamelessness.

But the terrifying thing is he looks as though he is going to.

By the way, rather charmingly in the Guardian today La Toynbee manages to blame it all on Thatcher. Good to know some things never change.

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