Thursday, 11 October 2007

For England, Harry and ... the Bottler!

Now here's a bit of a teaser for the Bottler.

A lot of people commented that whereas both Sarko and Helen Clark, the prime minister of New Zealand, were at the epic France-All Blacks game in Cardiff on Saturday, the Bottler was at neither the England game the same day nor the Scotland match the following day, this despite his professed love for the game.

True, I think it's fair to assume that he may have had other things on his mind at the time. That said, even if he couldn't have managed both games, he might at least have made it to one. In which case – oooooh! agonising decision – which one? Choose England and you are guaranteed to antagonise the Scots. Choose Scotland and you immediately give the lie to the claim that, as a true Briton, you support England.

Not such worries this weekend, however. The Scots have been knocked out. Only England remain. Now it's true that he went to the England-Germany footy game over the summer (and got roundly booed for his pains). But will he put his rugby mouth where his rugby shorts are and head for Paris this weekend?

He might like to consider that there will be upwards of 40,000 England fans at the match, none of them I imagine natural Labour supporters or, for that matter, particularly keen on the gallant Scots.

So, will he go?

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