Sunday, 7 October 2007

The most spectacular own goal ...

... of all time has now been scored by the Great Steersman.

What a strategist! What a genius!

In hardly 10 days he has managed not just to transform Cameron's credibility but to shoot himself plum in the middle of his foot.



Saltburn subversives said...

Perhaps we should send him some large protective footwear. After all, he could hurt himself!

JonnyB said...

Is that a genuine DVD cover?

If so, it has taken some measure of ironic genius to spell 'gaffe' incorrectly.

The Creator said...

I hadn't actually noticed the mis-spelling. But I think that may be because the night before, already overcome with emotion and a certain quantity of alcohol after England's win over Australia, then stirred, stunned and amazed by France's even more improbable win over the All Blacks, a state of mind fuelled by a certain extra quantity of drink, I tripped over the edge of the carpet and smashed my head against the corner of a table, knocking myself out for a moment and coming round to find blood pouring out of my skull. Six stitches and a night in hospital later – don't worry: it was a French hospital – I put up the Gaff post still scarcely able to see the computer screen.

But you are right, the mis-spelling has a mighty quality to it. And, yes, so far as I know, it is a genuine DVD cover.