Monday, 5 November 2007

Balls – and peas

I was going to write about the Ed 'Big' Balls's plans for the 'age of participation', the proposal that by 2015 all teenagers under 19 must be at school, at work or in training or face on-the-spot 'government fines'. In fact, there is a magisterial summing up on An Englishman's Castle here.

But there is an even better one that has been sent to me by one of my many millions of readers, a fellow by the name of Sir HM. I reproduce it in full here.

I explain it like this:

On election to parliament, the new mp is required to undergo a surgical procedure. This involves removing the brain, and inserting a pea in its place.

On promotion to the Cabinet, the pea-brained mp is required to undergo a further surgical procedure. This involves removing the pea.

I can think of no other explanation for the way our country is governed

I would say that was one nail hit very firmly on the head.


Sir HM said...

Thank you Brute. I feel enormously complimented.

The Creator said...

On the contrary.

You were the one who came up with it.

So it's me who's grateful!

PS. Tell your friends, familes, colleagues ... in fact everyone (milkman, postman, dustman, etc). Am working hard, only slightly shamelessly, to publicise the Daily Brute!



Sir HM said...

Will do what I can.

I don't know how I found you, but since finding you, I've had a desktop shortcut to here.

And my name really is Sir HM (Sir Henry Morgan). It says so in my passport.

Deed Polls are wonderful things.


Heh heh.