Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Burying bad news

The news that the Home Office had deliberately sought to hide the fact that it had employed 5,000 illegal immigrants about perfectly sums up the instinctive mendacity and incompetence of the Bottler's government.

First, the so-called Security Industry Authority, which is administered by the Home Office, employs huge numbers of immigrants but makes no attempt to discover if they are in the country legally.

Then, once the problem comes to light, the immediate response is to keep it secret.

Ominously for the Home Secretary, the spectacularly stupid 'Jacqui' –ooh, love the spelling! – Smith, the Bottler's spokesman reported the prime minister 'retained full confidence in the Home Secretary.'

Well, she is making a statement to the House this afternoon. Will it, perhaps, be her last as Home Secretary? I do so hope so.

Ayone else get the sense of a government on the skids? It has been the most amazing turnaround. Less than two months ago the Bottler had never seemed more assured.

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