Thursday, 22 November 2007

How long, Gordo?

For the Bottler's edification, here is a list of Britain's shortest-serving prime ministers. He may find it instructive.

George Canning 119 days
Viscount Goderich 130 days
Bottler Brown 148 days
Andrew Bonar Law 209 days
Duke of Devonshire 225 days
Earl of Shelburne 266 days
Earl of Bute 317 days
Sir Alec Douglas-Home 362 days
Baron Grenville 1 year 42 days
Duke of Grafton 1 year 106 days

He might also be interested to know that Edward Heath served for 3 years, 259 days; John Major for 6 years, 154 days; Tony Blair for 10 years, 56 days; and Margaret Thatcher for 11 years, 209 days. He may also like to contemplate the time in office of Britain's longest-serving prime minister, Robert Walpole, whose single period in office lasted for 20 years, 314 days.

Should he cling on in power until May 2010, the legal term of this government, he will then have been in office for 2 years, 314 days, which would leave him in 34th place, rather than his current 50th spot, in the list of all 52 of the country's prime ministers.

Also by way of reference, he might like to know that Edward Heath is in 26th place; John Major in 20th; Tony Blair in 9th; and St Margaret in 7th.

Long way to go yet, Gordo.

Still, perhaps of more immediate relevance is whether he can challenge the 39th-placed Anthony Eden's 1 year, 279 days in office.


Peter Horne said...

He'll be lucky to last 6 months, I'd have thought.

This will make you chuckle, assuming you haven't seen it already,

Also thanks for introducing me to the intrepid but almost completely deranged Cal Rodgers. I'm ashamed to say I'd never heard of him before.I'd like to have bought the man a drink and there is no higher praise.

The Creator said...

I only discovered the Daily Mash yesterday. I wish I could be that funny.

I like Cal. Mad as the proverbial hatter.

A Brummie said...

Disagree. He'll hang on in there. To the bitter bitter end.

Get your pitchfork ready.

The Creator said...

In my madder moments, Brummie, I envisage a heavily sedated Gordo being smuggled out of No 10, much like Eden, a long desired triumph ending in ignominy.

But you may be right. He has waited so long and schemed so much, it is hard to see anything short of a small nuclear device prising him out of the place.

Still, if you have any pitchforks going spare, can I borrow one?

Steve said...

I think that GB has until Easter at the latest to pull this round, because by then public opinion will have set. Somehow I don't think that is going to happen, so what happens next?
1, GB leaves for "health reasons" Hmm possible I suppose, but unless he suffers a full on, Eden sized breakdown, I think it unlikely
2, GB is toppled by Labour MPs worried about there seats. More possible, the main problem with this is who would want to take over and see their career annihilated at the General Election? when all they have to do is wait a bit longer.
3, The John Major years scenario, with a discredited and broken gov endlessly clinging onto power until the last possible minute. I am sorry to say that this feels the most likely to me.