Thursday, 22 November 2007

Gordo's week

I can't remember how many times during Blair's premiership we were confidently informed he had had his 'worst-ever week'. But I don't think any of them compared to the Bottler's week. And it's still only Thursday. Thus:

Scotland 1 Italy 2
Scotland fail to qualify for Euro 2008

YouGov poll confirms Bottler's personal popularity has dropped 40 points in seven weeks

Darling confirms to HofC just how much taxpayers' money is to be pissed away on shoring up Northern Rock

Darling announces that HM Revenue and Customs has lost banking and other details of 25 million people

Savaged at PMQs, forced to apologise then reduced to ranting about you've-never-had-it-so-good-10-years-of-prosperity. Followed by DPP Sir Ken Macdonald telling Commons home affairs select committee he saw 'no reason to justify the proposed extension' to the pre-charge detention limit for suspected terrorists, effectively scuppering the Bottler's plans to up them to 58 days.

Further outbreak of foot-and-mouth at the government's institute for animal health (which only got its licence back after August's outbreak 12 days ago). Five former defence chiefs savage government's management of defence. Bottler buggers off to Uganda

NAO report on QinetiQ: more savaging a certainty.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Friday - those ex-military chaps in the House of Lords saying what a git he is.

The Creator said...

Good point. I shall add this.