Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Odd, no?

As the whole bizarre business of the Labour donors fiasco unfolds, there is one point I am not sure I have seen addressed.

How did the Mail get the story in the first place?

It would seem unlikely they dug it up for themselves.

In which case, presumably they were tipped off.

If so, by who and why? And why now?

It would seem reasonable to assume it was someone inside the Labour party.

In which case, things may be even nastier for the Bottler than they look.

With friends like this ...


Mark Wadsworth said...

I was talking to somebody yesterday who knows about this stuff, and he reckons it's as simple as somebody in the Tory party looking up the list of reported donors on the El Comm website and doing a bit of digging into the largest few donors.

The Creator said...

Annoyingly, that sounds rather plausible. In which case, a bullseye.

Mark Wadsworth said...

See full list atEl Commwebsite.

The Creator said...

I have, I have. Where would they be without the Unions?

Mark Wadsworth said...

To be fair, the Labour Party was set up as the political wing of the Trade Union movement.

If the link were stronger, and if Unions had more power over the Labour Party, then the good news is, they'd be unelectable.