Friday, 9 November 2007

A luminous envelope

Writing in today's Guardian, the poor, deluded Toynbee, evidently anxious that the Bottler is insufficiently socialist, wants him 'to wrap his policies in a luminous envelope.'

Anyone know what this means? And where I can get some? Might be handy for birthday cards and the like. Do they need batteries?


Newmania said...

Bloody hell are you doing this full time ? The relationship between the witch of the left and Brown is an interesting one. She has consistently maintained that by doing everything in an underhand way the left have lost the argument and in the end that will tell .

I think she is right . I disagree that it was winnable .Actually I do rather enjoy her stuff though

The Creator said...

No, no. Not at all. It's just a quiet day.

I know Toynbee has long called for a socialism that isn't afraid to speak its name. But she won't get it from Brown.

Thanks for kind comment on the flooding post!