Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Paul Gray

There has been much talk about how Paul Gray has upheld the highest traditions of the civil service by resigning so honourably from HM Customs and Revenue.

Guess what? It turns out to be a rather odd kind of resignation. This from the Daily Mail:

Meanwhile, Paul Gray, the £190,000-a-year chairman of HM Customs & Revenue who resigned yesterday, is set to remain on full salary pending a deal to let him retire on a full pension.

Mr Gray, who was praised for quitting "as a matter of honour", will not lose a penny by falling on his sword

Anyone know where I can get one of these special non-jobs that I can resign from, too? You can see the attractions after all.

You get paid in full and a pension without the tiresome inconvenience of having to do any work. Plus everyone hails you as a thoroughly good fellow.


Roger Thornhill said...

I am speechless!

First we have toads like Iain Blair, Charles Clarke et al clinging on and refusing to resign, now we have people "faking their death" so to speak, a mere veneer of resignation and trying to play the public for fools with State connivance.

Thanks for pointing this out (and you are now blogrolled).

Mark Wadsworth said...

I think that it helps to be a Labour luvvie.

The Creator said...

Mr Thornhill, I am in your debt! But can you tell which of your various blogs you have stuck me on so that I can reciprocate?


The Creator (aka Thomas)

Roger Thornhill said...

The Creator,, which is my daily, personal viewpoint blog.

The Creator said...

Many thanks for that.

Link has gone in.