Wednesday, 7 November 2007

A recurring pleasure

No prizes for guessing the identity of the smirking, self-satisfied smarmypants pictured here. Yes, it's the Progressive Plod himself, PC Politically Correct, London's first right-on Commissioner of the Met, 'Sir' Ian Blair.

One of the recurring pleasures of monitoring public life for properly hardened cynics such as myself is counting down the inevitable stages whereby a public figure, fatally undermined, nonetheless refuses to resign, instead asserting his determination not to be deflected from 'getting on with my job'.

They all go in the end.

The mystery is why they don't recognise how inevitably they are doomed when it is so blindingly obvious to everyone else. Being forced out after having clung on so pointlessly simply to assuage a watery sense of self worth merely adds to the humiliation.

Blair will be no different.

The only question is just how much of his pension he will be able to take with him.

I think we can fairly safely assume it will be all of it.

Cheap at the price on the whole.

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