Tuesday, 6 November 2007

The Third World War

The chief executive of the Environment Agency, Lady Young, speaking yesterday at the agency's annual conference in London, said of climate change:

This is World War Three - this is the biggest challenge to face the globe for many, many years. We need the sorts of concerted, fast, integrated and above all huge efforts that went into many actions in times of war.

Well actually, it's not World War Three. What it really is bollocks. From first to last.

Yet her comment is utterly characteristic of the tone of so many eco-fascists-nutters. Not only is it taken as a given that we are teetering on the edge of cataclysm but urgent action is demanded NOW! THIS MINUTE! INSTANTLY!

There is never even a hint that the science behind these terrifying predictions may be quite wrong. The most dire pronouncements about the planet's fate, most of which amount to little more than guesses, all of which have an unmistakable socialist agenda fuelling them, are swallowed whole. There is an almost desperate desire to believe the worst.

It is beyond potty, beyond deranged even. I can think of no rational explanation for this bizarre self-abasement other than the fact that it apparently satisfies some very deep human need to believe that our end is indeed nigh, for preference in a combination of fire, drought, flood, earthquake, volcano, hurricane and tidal wave.

The parallels with Paul Ehrlich, the American author in 1969 of a book called the Population Bomb, are striking. Among his nuttier claims, all widely believed by the more credulous, was that by 1985 65 million Americans would have starved to death and that by 2000 the entire population of England would have died of hunger. Get that, the entire population of England.


Fidothedog said...

Alarmist bollocks from unwashed eco-nuts.

The politicos love the green thing as they can fleece the populace for more taxes.

I would say that Iran or somewhere in that region is more likely to be the cause of WWIII

The Creator said...

There are really serious questions here.

Iran is a hugely destabilising factor, clearly bent on acquiring nuclear weapons.

If, as ultimately is inevitable, there is a WW3, then this is where it most likely to start.

That's what I'd call seriously frightening.

Perhaps climate change for Lady Young, unwashed or not, is really no more than a displacement activity?

Saltburn subversives said...

Of course there is no rational explanation.
It is a kind of religious belief, the last gasp, (I hope) of Marxist/ Communist ideology. What you have to understand is that it was 'CAPITALISM WOT DONE IT!' and therefore capitalism has to be smashed to save the earth. Facts have nothing to do with it.

Newmania said...

Looks great. You will notice that the population apocalypse was quietly dropped when it fell into the province of the Brown and poor and out of the white West.

Actually i think the population boom scare is pretty real and at the very least talkking about the enviroemnt without aknowledging it is farting in a hurricane. The worlds population has doubled in my lifetime and will hit 9 billion in twenty years.

Unlike the 1070s predictions of a new ice age the population predictions have come true

Newmania said...

I ahree with your post by the way and you are obviously a good sorty. i shall pourt you on my blog roll immediately

Anonymous said...

You truly are a pathetically naive, uneducated, foul-mouthed waste of space. Open your eyes to the world's environmental problems and get your head out of your arse.
Christ, loud mouthed freaks like you are the reason we have so many problems. Go and raise sheep or something and keep your nonsensical garbage away from public view. You make me want to retch you sick, retarded little worm.