Thursday, 8 November 2007

The ravishing Ana Ivanovic

I am mortified to discover that Tuesday was the 20th birthday of super-sizzling six-foot Serbian sex bomb Ana Ivanovic, the No. 4 ranked female tennis player, now currently whanging the ball around in the end-of-season Sony Ericsson championships in Madrid, and that I didn't know.

I am very, very, very sorry Ana and only hope that by putting up your picture on the celebrated Daily Brute I have atoned at least slightly.

Anyone who doubts that she really is wonderful should take a look here. Alternatively, try this.


Peter Horne (Saltburn Subversives) said...

Thomas, old boy ,how the devil are you?

Nice picture. Hope the slippers are still comfy.

Good fun to be had winding up lefties

The comments are particularly choice. Go on! Indulge yourself!

The Creator said...

Slippers more comfy than ever. In fact, lovely .

Many thanks for the link. I shall investigate fearlessly and without mercy.

Lady Jane said...

I knew it! You cannot stay away from her;-)