Wednesday, 14 November 2007

British jobs for British workers?

The Guardian reports this morning that: The Premier League is in discussions with Downing Street over ways in which it can increase the number of home-grown players appearing regularly for England's leading clubs.

Unless this is genuinely what the Bottler had in mind in proclaiming 'British jobs for British workers', I am utterly baffled.

What do the workings of the Premier League have to do with Downing Street? Is the Bottler about to unveil a football master plan? Is he perhaps thinking of going in to football management after he has been turfed out of No. 10?

Can somebody explain?

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Newmania said...

The EU forbids any restriction on the movemnt of Labour in the EU and this wouod include an association like the Premier League.Interesting I hadn`t thought of that.

Italy used to have restrictions as well which had to be dropped

Good old EU