Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Not nice for Gordo

As Guido reports, the Northern Rock investment memo that the FT has sought and failed to publish and which, in PMQs today, the Bottler claimed was too'commercially sensitive' to release, is widely available on the internet. Type in Northern Rock Summary on google and hey presto.

The power of the internet, etc.

But it begs a question. The Bottler will not take kindly to being thwarted in this way. How long, no doubt in the interests of protecting us, will it be before he starts to support moves to regulate (ie restrict) internet access? Works in China after all.

God, I must stop writing about this great, boring Scottish git.


Peter Horne (Saltburn Subversives) said...

Gordo's next move is in the pipeline, Thomas, as you will see here:

Be Afraid, be very afraid!

PS Amazon have just confirmed your book is dispatched via 'Parcel Force', so I should get it in about three weeks. I wait with baited breath.

The Creator said...

It is clearly a practical joke. Though I am not sure how much longer it will be funny.

But I am astounded that Parcel Force will take three weeks to deliver the book.

It would, seriously, have been faster in the 12th century.

I hope you don't have to pay extra for delivery.