Friday, 30 November 2007

Fame! At last, at last!

Your humble Brute, aka The Creator, responded to a question put by Dizzy two days ago to come up with a name for the Labour funding scandal.

In a brilliantly pithy one-word comment, which you can see here, under the post Name That Scandal, he came up with Donorgate.

And now Guido, political conspiracy bloggist par excellence, has endorsed the name, as you can see here.

Well, I see from the Englishman, to whom I am duly indebted, that the Beeb and The Sun have picked up on the name, too.

At this rate, I may be obliged to instruct my domestic staff to fetch a small bottle of pale ale from the cellars.


The Englishman said...
leads with it as well, as do The Sun and Times...

Henry North London said...

Well done Creator...

I love it

I suppose the banks fiasco will be called Darling Black label!